How long does the appointment take?

Your initial session will take between 2-3 hours. 

Is microblading right for me?​

Everyone's skin is different so results will vary. If you have extremely oily skin, the hair strokes will not work as well for you. With oily skin the skin is constantly resurfacing itself and will do the same with the pigment added as well - causing a slightly softer look (not as crisp). 

If you are anemic and an easy bleeder your pigment may fade faster and bleeding may occur during and after the procedure.

If you are pregnant or nursing microblading is not right for you. 

IMPORTANT! If you have had your eyebrows previously tattooed, we will need to do a consultation before booking.

How long will the miroblading last?

Microblading results will last between 12-24 months. We recommend coming in every 9-12 months for an annual refresher.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?
  • 24 hours - No Alcohol or Caffeine or preworkout

  • 48 hours - No vitamins, supplements, blood thinners, ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory medicine.

  • No retinols for 1 week prior to treamtent

  • No covid vaccine within 2 weeks of your appointment. 

  • No antibiotics for 4 weeks prior to treatment

  • No accutane for 1 full year prior to treatment.

  • No working out the morning of your appointment please

  • Following these instructions is EXTREMELY important. It greatly affects the retention and will produce grey/purple discolored healed strokes & colors. It also decreases the strength of the numbing cream. 

Let your brows grow - we want as much hair as possible! Do not pluck, wax, sugar or thread 4 weeks in advance.


If you plan on getting botox be sure to get it done at least 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your appointment.

How long will they take to heal?

Your microblading will appear 30%-40% DARKER for the first 3-5 days. They will start to soften significantly and may become dry and flaky - similar to a peeling sunburn. Do not use eyebrow pencil or any other type of makeup directly on your brows for the first 1-2 weeks. Do not submerge your brows in water (pool, oceans, jacuzzi).

How do I book an appointment?

All of our scheduling is done through our automated online calendar. Please visit the following link to book your appointment: